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Posted by harryjarry - January 3rd, 2016


It's been a while! Well, first thing I wanna mention is that I took HJ down. The domain just forwards to my NG page (as you may have noticed). I'm not sure what I want to do with HJ. It served its purpose well in the past, but it's outlived its use. If it comes back, it'll likely be something new for some new CooOoOOOool purpose (???).

My eternal thanks go out to @simon, @absent, and @ExtraLife for designing the site/level artwork. HJ wouldn't have ever looked anywhere

 near as beautiful without you! <3 And thank you to all who were part of the HJ community. LUV LUV LUV!

Hopefully the future is packed with good stuff just waiting for all of us. Fingers crossed that all my NG friends are doing well whether or not they still use this site. I thought that when I made my next news post, I'd have more to say. Maybe that's not the case. Sorry if I've neglected anyone throughout the years and/or have not been the best friend I could've been. I'm aiming for better in the future.


RIP @Major-punk <3

(comments must b approved bb)

v here is me on Ronette's Bridge from TWIN PEAKS v

me in seattle with BRIDGE


Posted by harryjarry - May 26th, 2010

Are you reading this?! There's a possibility that I may post a new news post eventually! The future! I'm crossing my fingers with hope that you're all having a wonderful time!


HarryJarry.com will be down for a little while.

Missed the expected release date :(
Sorry! Work is still being done to make sure HJ is gr8 4 U! We love you and wouldn't want you to have anything less than the best ;) ;) <3

----> SEPTEMBER 16---BACK ON THE JOB! <----

Yes, work is still being done... with help from the amazing simon! (July 10)

~~ HJ might be back up this weekend/next week (June 5-12)! FROM HJ WITH LUV <3 ~~

gettin' closer yo B)




pic by RabMush <3


Posted by harryjarry - July 21st, 2009

WowEE! It has been over a year since my last post, and that really is a long time! Too long!! I don't really like making lots of news posts because it makes each post seem to not have as much value or something like that! Oh, and I always feel like I have to make the post somewhat long. SO HERE IS SOMETHING TO CHEW ON!

One year ago I was doing pretty much what I'm doing now. My dad is still in a comatose state-he is definitely doing a whole lot better, but he hasn't made it to the point of being completely aware/conscious. I get to see my dad every day, and I am very thankful that I'm able to. Even though each day seems to be the same routine, it's great that I can see him.

It's kind of weird how he has been working-he stopped moving his thumbs like he used to for a while, but he started improving with his eyes. He used to not really follow you if you walked around the room, but now he will watch you if you move or go to do something around him. Lately he has started moving his fingers again, and he really seems to be in a MUCH different state than he was a year ago. I saw a video that we recorded of him around October '08, and I was amazed at how much he has improved since just then. You don't really notice all of the changes when you take it step by step.

Anyway, things are doing so much better, and I am extremely happy at how far he has come. Let's just see where things go from here! :)

~ Now we will explore my very interesting life that I have led!!!!!!! ~

Hmmm, I guess the first thing I will go over is school. My junior year didn't come anywhere near as fun as my sophomore (or my freshman year to be honest). It wasn't bad, but it just wasn't anything special! The majority of my friends went to a different school because a new one was built, and the dividing lines were perfect TO SEPARATE US ;_; I still knew a bunch of the kids, but I really wasn't close to any of them.

I took an IT class, so I got to leave campus for the first half of every day of school. IT was a pretty fun class, and I got to see some people from other schools that I hadn't seen for a while. The class was also pretty easy and laid-back, so it was a great way to begin each day. The latter half of my days consisted of American Literature (a TOTAL joke of a class), algebra II, American Citizen and biology. All of my classes were easy for the most part, and I had no trouble keeping an A in each class.

I didn't do too much out of school because of the lack of time from visiting my dad and all, but here and there I would hang out with some friends. Some super times 4sure!!

LET'S TALK 'BOUT SUM MUSIC! So my older brother and I started an acoustic folk-punk band (or whatever you would call one person playing guitar with someone else singing). We have two new recordings of older songs on our myspace, and we have our 5-song demo downloadable here for free. Once we finish our album, we will be releasing it for free as well-so like wait k!!!!

I have been listening to a lot of Wingnut Dishwashers Union (Last.fm) and Andrew Jackson Jihad (Last.fm). They both recently released new albums, and they are FANTASTIC! Or actually, much much much better than that!! You should check them both out!

Of course I have been listening to other music as well! Which you can look through here. If you are looking for some new tunes, I would be glad to recommend you some stuff!

Since my last post, I have seen:

Ghost Mice with Heathers (amazing show! It was a super great time! jewdudewtf came along too!)

Smoking Popes (I am sooo happy I got to see them! They put on quite a show!)

Danzig with a bunch of other bands I didn't care about (The show was alright. Danzig didn't do anything special EVEN THOUGH IT WAS HALLOWEEN YO)

Morrissey (It was my second time seeing him, and he definitely still has it! jewdudewtf came along to this show too! We came home with a piece of Morrissey's shirt, handshakes/hand-touches and a signed vinyl (well it's my brother's :P). YES!)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs (They aren't a FAVORITE band of mine, but they are still really good. Their performance was spectacular. The only problem was the hipster crowd, but I mean, what can you do? ;P)

jewdudewtf, my brother and I were planning on seeing Wingnut Dishwashers Union, but either he never showed up, or we didn't stay late enough. The show was at a park, and we were supposed to play kickball before the show. No one ever came :((((((( We still managed to have a good time doing other things that day though, so OH WELL.

As for HarryJarry.com, I'm not SUPER far into the whole redesign thing, but I've been making some more progress here and there. Simon has been working on new levels for HJ. They look supa dupa sexy, so go look at them and drool your days away!!! I have been making small updates to the current layout and doing some additional coding for some pages, so that is something! Hopefully I can get some real motivation to really start coding again. I haven't felt too inspired lately, but maybe I will get an edge on it and just start! We can hope!

I am really trying to become much more active than I have been (on NG as well as other sites-oh, and AIM too!!!!). I posted like a BUNCH the other day, so that's cool! There were some rockin' topics that day! SO SEE YOU AROUND! HOPE YOU ALL ARE HAVING A WONDERFUL SUMMER CUZ U REALLY SHOULD! LUV U ALL!!!!!!!!!


Pre-writing: Man Is The Bastard and Smoking Popes
Writing: Chokehold, Nausea, Das Oath and The Nerve Agents

I thought that would be cooooooooooooooool n' interestin'!!!!!

bye bye now!!!

oh, and here is a pic of jewdudewtf and me!!!! We are really happy, so you should be happy too!!

Posted by harryjarry - July 17th, 2008

It's always hard to start out a news post, so here we go!

In case you didn't know, my dad has been in the hospital in a coma since March. He originally went in to get an aneurysm clipped, but he ended up stroking, and then bleeding. Things didn't look so good at the time, and I would have to say that those first few days were the hardest and worst days of my life. I'm not here to complain though ;)

Even though it has been a hectic few months, things are looking really good. My dad hasn't awoken yet, but he's getting so much closer each day. Every so often he will start doing something new; a few of these things would be: giving a thumbs up, stretching, sliding arms, opening his left eye, pulling his head off of the bed and moving his legs. It's so encouraging to see new things.

Before this whole experience, I had no idea that people really did anything while in a coma. This has really been a learning experience.

Staying positive has been a key part in this whole ordeal - family and friends being a direct part of it. I owe so much thanks to them all.

In other news, I have been trying to finish coding the new layout for HarryJarry.com. I probably should have worked on it a lot more when I had the time, but there's no use in thinking about that. The layout is reaching a finish, but the whole "redesign" thing might take a considerable amount of time. The wait will be well worth it though!

The current layout seems so boring when you compare it to the new layout. It's going to be exciting to have the whole site in the new layout. So much prettier! I have to give a thanks to absent for putting the new layout together!

In the past few months I have added a whole bunch of new artists to my music taste. For the most part, they are either folk-punk (Ghost Mice ~ Andrew Jackson Jihad ~ Defiance, Ohio ~ This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb) or '80s/'90s hardcore (Reagan Youth ~ Void ~ SS Decontrol ~ Chokehold). I can definitely say that my collection of music has vastly grown. There is still so much more out there as well!

Let's see what else there is... in terms of video games, I have been playing Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Pokémon Pearl (I had a huge hiatus, and have been getting back into the game :P), Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Gears of War and Call of Duty 4. I plan to start up a new file on Super Mario RPG soon, if I ever get time for that.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about starting some new flash projects. It seems when you have the least amount of time, you have the most amount of ideas for things, as well as the most want to actually work on them. I hope once things settle down, I actually start working on a flash. I neeeeeeeeed to do it!

I didn't think it would be fit to post a news post without having a picture, so I looked through some newer pictures, and found what I should use. It's a picture of a fire that was caused by lightning striking an oil refinery. The fire wasn't put out for quite some time; I can imagine why.


Posted by harryjarry - February 3rd, 2008


Well lots of good stuff has happened, as well as some not so good stuff. Let's start off with what I can remember the earliest.

So I found out I had Bell's palsy (I know the link should be "Bell's palsy", but NG won't let me have links with apostrophes in them!!!), which basically means the left side of my face was paralyzed (it doesn't have to be the left side of your face, it could be your right side). It was a real pain since I couldn't really smile, I could only smirk - which I found out I did quite a lot. Once you get something like Bell's palsy you start to realize how much you really smile in life.

Smirking all the time at people made me feel like a jerk, I tried to stop - but I just couldn't!!! My graphic design teacher (well student teacher) said it that when I smiled I made a face that was like, "I know something that you want to know". Sweet!

Taking steroids were fun too haha, I'M SO TOUGHHHHHHH!

So I think I am finally better now, that's good news for me. I can smile proudly, just like I used to back in the day!

Hmmm, what else. Well I had two snow days (more like ice days!), tuesday and wednesday. I was hoping for no school today, but I guess no luck ;(

Today was kind of a bummer, besides going to school most of the snow/ice melted. How am I supposed to play in the grass?!?!

More stuff about school! Finals are closeeeeeeee. Tomorrow I take my history and chemistry finals, monday I have graphic design, tuesday I have English and computer programming and then on wednesday I have geometry and French.

I don't think I will have a problem with any of them really, even if I don't study I think I will know the majority of the material that will be on the exams.



That was written quite some time ago, December 13 to be exact! I have been between busy and not wanting to be on the internet a whole lot. Part of this is probably because of Xbox Live, it is really really fun and stuff totally yeah!! Oh, and some Wii too - Mario Strikers Charged is great.


I think I am finally getting back into the internet after a little bit of a break, I just didn't like being on so much haha. I guess I used to be on da internet for a while, with my Last.fm always scrobbling and having AIM/MSN always up. I haven't really been active in either for about a month - a little more.

Maybe I will be able to get my activity back and start visiting all of the sites I used to all of the time! Maybe I will post on NG sometime soon! Who knows!!

Sorry MemoryCard for being really late on this, I had a bunch of it written out, but just never finished. I hope you enjoy this post though, because I spent a lot of time on it!

If you want to play me on Xbox Live (AND LOSE LOLOLOLOLOLOL), my gamertag is jarryharry. Some crazy guy took harryjarry, so I am deeply disturbed.


MemoryCard Makes Me Hard

Posted by harryjarry - September 9th, 2007

I have finally realized that my last post was kind of silly! Jake really isn't that bad of a guy, in fact I am actually starting to think he might be somewhat cool! Maybe even super cool!

You hear that Jake???? Super cool!

Making a new news post has been on my list of things to do for some time but I just haven't got around to doing it yet! I have time now so I figured why not.

I might be making some more flashes sooner or later, since releasing my past ones I have remembered how fun it is to actually make things and then submitting and all of the drama and oh my oh my oh my!!!!!!!! I could just do it all day!

When I started writing this I figured I would be able to talk about a whole bunch of things and have a good post but now that I have started not a lot is coming to mind! Maybe next time I will write a story or something; although I doubt it could top this wonderful work of art!

Au revoir!


Posted by harryjarry - August 7th, 2007

Despite what some may say.

Jake is actually not that cool.