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Before I go into the review I would like to tell you Happy Birthday!

I hope it was a super duper good one and lotsa good stuff happened.

Now onto the review!

Beginning with the amazing preloader, I loved how it went to a black screen with the star swirling around. It was a really neat effect.

In the menu the bouncing blue faces were nice and smooth, I like how it matched the background with colour. And the scan-lines added a nice effect to the whole feeling of the menu, it really can draw you into it and give you a great feeling! And this is before you even start the flash!

Although I am saddened by the fact that BlueHippos are endangered :'(.

Master Hippo: One of my favourite parts of the bedroom scene is the BlueHippo and Zekey poster, I have seen it somewhere before and have always really liked it. I am glad you used it in this flash!

The ROFLMuffin mouse pad was really cool, I would totally get one but I use a touchpad :(, I would probably still get one anyway though!

BlueHippo sure knows how to stay stylish and up with the trends with his cool gear.

It took me awhile to notice the bag with 'Dank Nugs!' written on it, although once I saw it, it was very obvious that it was there the whole time, how odd!

I have a calendar like the one BlueHippo has on his desk, except it is in another room, it is really useful. I thought it was a great idea to have your birthday written on it!

It looked like BlueHippo was working really hard on that flash! He must have been worn out after all of his hard work.

BlueHippo probably enjoyed his nap a whole lot! The Great Bunny of Easter sure was wise, I haven't had a visit from him... yet. Maybe one of these days he will come and show me the way! The glow around the Bunny was nice, it really brings out the bunny, it gives him more 'power'.

The Bunny was 100% right, you made a cartoon and now everyone is happy :), especially me!

I would definately be inspired if the Great Bunny of Easter came and visited me, I could probably do anything!

BlueHippo had a fun looking monocle and tie, he should wear them more often! He sure can pull it off.

I was shocked when the bunny stuck an Easter egg in BlueHippos butt! It twisted the plot so much, I could only feel this way for an animation of yours!

Master Sinister: Amazing drawing of BlueHippo! It is extremely smooth, the eyes look really swell too. And I can see the faces from the menu again!

Nice choice for a song as well, Blue, Blue, Blue. It seems everyone used to be really big into that song for awhile. Shame they forgot to add a 'blue hippo' into the lyrics :/.

I am sure BlueHippo was really confused when he opened the box! He had no idea what to expect from it! He handled it really well though, I would have been way freaked out!

I wish I could have had some of that delicious cake!

Master StagBeetle: A very fun song you have in here! I was never a real 'big' fan of MSI but I knew a lot of kids who were, so eventually I learned all of the lyrics and figured I would be living with them for awhile so I should just enjoy the music!

I am sure BlueHippo had an extremely happy birthday! And your flash must have added the cherry to the cake! The final touch to it!

It definately topped off the flash, I wasn't sure how the ending could be, it would be hard to go along with such amazing flashes before, but you sure did a fantastic job! Nothing less than the best!

Such effort and work must have been put into this flash, and I hope BlueHippo had his best birthday so far! If I could have visited him and wished him happy birthday you know I would!

Another note on the menu, I love the song. I remember it from The Swell Collab X-Mas. That was an extremely good flash as well!

I have never been let down by artists such as yourselves, I hope that you all continue to do such great work and release a bunch of super great flashes to rule Newgrounds like no other!

I am amazed on how well this flash was put together, it is flashes like this that make me want to go out and make a flash! :D!!

Beautiful in every aspect

I was so excited when I saw this in the portal, not only this but there was also another movie by Muffin right before it! (But now back onto this flash)

The artwork put into this is absolutely amazing, I couldn't decide which movie to watch first so I just went with ROFLMuffin's since it was the first on the left.

ROFLMuffin sure pulled off another breathtaking piece of work with this right when he was going up to P-Bot I wasn't too sure what to expect. When P-Bot started to scan it I knew he must be using some super scanner since his normal one wouldn't be able to handle the super duperness of his movie!

When the awards were showing up I smiled, although Newgrounds really should make more awards so this movie can get the recognition it deserves!

The news post was probably one of my favourite parts of his movie, I guess I don't really need to vote on the monthlies since this flash will already win them all! But I will go ahead and vote on this movie anyway, I can't resist!

Oh and BlueHippo's dicksucking was hawt ;D.

ROFLMuffin for admin plz.

Breadfruit's piece was nicely made, I haven't seen any other flash with such quality. To tell the truth all of the little guys kinda reminded me of myself *blush*.

I know for sure which flash he they were watching!

rtil is such a great artist, I have loved his past works but they definately do not measure up to his piece in this collab!

The spider moved so fluently, it was just so smooth. And yuh gotta love the twisty guy! He was a major part in this piece, at least for me it was!

I also was pleased with the ground, it had nice colours going through it which definately gave rtil some bonus points!

Zekey has amazed me once again, I have pondered so much on how someone would go about making a Breadfruit. But now I know!

Who would have thought that I would have learned through such a great flash?

I loved all of the colour in Zekey's part, it gave me a nice happy feeling. I know it will stay with me for the rest of my life! Thank you so much Zekey!

When BlueHippo threw up I got a whole lot of giggles out of it, I thought you should know! The music in it was also fantastic, nothing in this flash can go wrong!

3dition had me going from the start. I was surprised to see PacMan, I had actually been talking about him a bit today in art class. No coincidence I'm sure!

With every part it seems the music just keeps getting better and better! And each part goes so well with each song, I don't know how any of you can pick such great songs to go along with your flash!

You will have to let me know how you do it! I would love to know :).

Everytime I have heard the song I have never knew what the lyrics were, but I had been too lazy to go and look up the lyrics! But now it is common knowledge to me since this flash had the lyrics in it! I am extremely happy now!!!

I wonder if PacMan will ever catch up with the baddies! It seems I can't watch it long enough to find out! I keep getting stuck in amazement!

Now onto the last piece in this flash, also known as Fat Badger's part.

I must say I am and have been a huge Donkey Kong fan for some time, I remember all of the games I used to play on my SNES with Donkey Kong in it! So many great times and memories in those games! I just wish I had them all, I only ave a few :(((.

The dancing was super swell (haha!), I really wish I could have been there to dance with everyone! I am sure the whole thing was a blast, no doubt with Fat Badger being in the party!

I like their boom box, I bet they can pump out some real good jams with it, maybe next time I go to the jungle I will catch up with you all! But if I don't I guess I can still dream.

I agree with you one hundred percent when you say Donkey Kong is Swell, because he sure is! Just like the swell guys who made this flash!

Now I will talk about how much I love the menu in the flash.

It is so colourful and vibrant, I love it. Stars, yen and buttons; this has it all!

I really couldn't ask for more, thanks for releasing the tenth one!

Muffin responds:

golly gee willikers harryjarry, i feel like i got to know the flash a little better after reading that, and hell, i made it! ;)



On those last seconds of his journey I couldn't help but sweat, and start shaking from the nervousness of whether Hitler would make it or not, but now that I think about it I shouldn't have; of coarse Hitler would pull through and make it through his journey!

I am so excited and yet sad to see Hitler make it, but this also means the series has came to an end (or so it appears). I will miss this so much, as well with everyone else on Newgrounds. Newgrounds would not be anything like it is today without your constant helping to create quality flash entries to help this site survive, how amazing!

Even to this day I don't know how such flashes can be made by human hands, makes me wonder yuh know? I stand in awe of all of your flashes, so great :D.

This whole flash had nothing but the best in it, like the rest of the series and every other flash you have made.

I love the music you decided to include in this flash, works so perfectly with it, and truely gives those songs meanings; and yes Hitler is a champion - who will never die and he will never be forgotten for his couragous acts!

I am so thankful that you are able to put these flashes together, brings tears to my eyes knowing that Hitler may not travel around the world... A SECOND IIME! -- Wouldn't that be amazing? I may just have this as a dream but a second run around would bring me nothing but complete joy.

I am sure every viewer of this flash is voting 5 and wishing they could vote higher, such quality and amazement raging in this flash!

Hitler sure does look like a champion in his ending stand, him and all of his pals having a huge party! I am sad to say this but I didn't make it to the party, I am quite far away but would have been one hundred percent worth it to go there and bring the party with Hitler!

You can't go wrong when you have Hitler next to you! You can't help but feel like you are on top of the world and nothing can stop you, you feel like you are the best!

And that is what Hitler wants, all of us to feel the best that we can, to be valued in our communities no matter what the culture, race, government, etc... is. We should be able to fit in and joyfully do what we love to do in our communities!

I can't help but wonder whether Hitler was a teacher or not, if anything he should have been one for awhile, he could have brought the world up with love and peace. Something that the world in this age does not have. If Hitler were to come back I am sure there would be amazing things happening everywhere!

Pulling something like this off with style must be tough - well not pulling it off but making the flash. Once you make something like this you cannot help but release it with style and amazement.

There definately isn't enough room in this review space to cover how much I enjoy this flash, no matter how much room you gave me I could never finish what I would write for this, I could go on forever, and even then I would have too many things to write!

The line in the song "We'll keep on fighting til the end" reminds me exactly of Hitler, he wouldn't quit his journey until he finished and brought the world joy. I don't know how he can continue when all odds are against him. I don't know whether I would have made it or not but I know if Hitler was by my side I would be able to make it all the way around right with Hitler.

What a dream that would be, I can see it now "Adolf Hitler and harryjarry ATWI80D" wow, I can see that, that would be so amazing. Might just be a dream but I know that it is my dream and I can think of it whenever I want to, and noone can't take it from me. I can have whatever I want with Hitler, and it would always be the right thing because that's the way we are!

So much quality in this flash, the graphics were just wayyy out there, too much for my computer to bear, my computer was lagging sooo much on low quality.

But then I had the idea to put it on high and realize I am with Hitler and then guess what!?!?

-- It worked like no flash I had ever seen!

Much love Hitler! We are the champions!! ;D

AfroUnderscoreStud responds:

harryjarry: ATWI80G

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Everything was great. I loved playing it.
Style-Havent seen many gams like this out there and if there is they arent ANYTHING compared to this
Sound-Im still dancing yay
Violence-I killed people!
Interactivity-I pushed buttons!
humor-Well this isnt a humor type of game.
Overall-Plan on playing it over and over again

It has been given a 5!

Great Game!

This has got to be one of the greatest games on NG. I liked the pixel wade haha. The gameplay was very good although you cant move left/right it added a challenge which was good. It was fun I am going to play it again. Make another =)

Eh its ok

I know it will pass but I dont really like it. But the art was pretty good. Are you craig from KKF? Haha But anyway good luck with future movies/games.

LordCraigus responds:

Why yes, I got a link to this on KKF. :D

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