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There's no such thing as a fireproof wall.

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Hi, and happy new year to you too!

Hello hello hello! Thank you~~~let's make sure this is a great year! :D

I've been really really busy this year, but I'm hoping to go into the next year with some big things for HJ!! Hope you're doing good man.


Hope you get some free time to relax and enjoy soon! Oooo! I'm excited to hear your ideas! :D Thanks! Things are definitely going well! I hope the same is true for you and that this year brings you lots of happiness!

Congrats on level 60 bro!

Thank you!! ^_^

Orange you orange! :D It's down with the clown huh. Sad to see it go, but looking forward to whatever metamorphosis it goes through before it appears once more, reborn, brand new form, purpose resurfaced, portrait of norm! Any chance you'd be open for opening up a little online archive of memorabilia from the old site btw, level icons and such? I'd be happy to host if you are. Preserving disappearing historical heritages of NG-related everything ftw! :) Could put up something like: http://ngpot.com/ui

ORANGE! ~_^ Who knows what will happen! Hm, maybe! I'll try to put the level icons on NG dump soon & send them your way! Thanks for the offer! Ooo! :o

Holy moly! Those were the days man - How time passes so quickly -- I remember submitting some of those FAP flashes, working on those level icons and scanning over an immense asian pop group thread (Pretty sure it was an all female asian pop singer group) Hehe - Also, as @BloodPact noted - congrats on level 60! You are legend - Cheers, brother!

Hahaha, definitely! The ol HJ! Doesn't seem like it all was so many years ago >_< The FAP flashes are all classics that'll live on forever! You did some real great work on the levels :D I'll always be thankful! Haha, @jewdudewtf really knew how to bring the K-pop to HJ! And the pictures of K-pop artists! Thank you! ^_^ Cheers! AND YOU'LL ALWAYS BE A LEGEND TO ME!<3

Lookin' pretty sexy on that bridge yo

~_^ thank thanks THANKS!!! I had to get down cuz the water started boiling!!!!! Hope all is going well for you! AND JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER N BETTER! <3

I miss it so much :'(


I miss the good ol days too—we had a cool and great community :') Thanks for being a part of it all! Hope life is top notch for you and just keeps going up n up n up!!!