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Posted by harryjarry - July 17th, 2008

It's always hard to start out a news post, so here we go!

In case you didn't know, my dad has been in the hospital in a coma since March. He originally went in to get an aneurysm clipped, but he ended up stroking, and then bleeding. Things didn't look so good at the time, and I would have to say that those first few days were the hardest and worst days of my life. I'm not here to complain though ;)

Even though it has been a hectic few months, things are looking really good. My dad hasn't awoken yet, but he's getting so much closer each day. Every so often he will start doing something new; a few of these things would be: giving a thumbs up, stretching, sliding arms, opening his left eye, pulling his head off of the bed and moving his legs. It's so encouraging to see new things.

Before this whole experience, I had no idea that people really did anything while in a coma. This has really been a learning experience.

Staying positive has been a key part in this whole ordeal - family and friends being a direct part of it. I owe so much thanks to them all.

In other news, I have been trying to finish coding the new layout for HarryJarry.com. I probably should have worked on it a lot more when I had the time, but there's no use in thinking about that. The layout is reaching a finish, but the whole "redesign" thing might take a considerable amount of time. The wait will be well worth it though!

The current layout seems so boring when you compare it to the new layout. It's going to be exciting to have the whole site in the new layout. So much prettier! I have to give a thanks to absent for putting the new layout together!

In the past few months I have added a whole bunch of new artists to my music taste. For the most part, they are either folk-punk (Ghost Mice ~ Andrew Jackson Jihad ~ Defiance, Ohio ~ This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb) or '80s/'90s hardcore (Reagan Youth ~ Void ~ SS Decontrol ~ Chokehold). I can definitely say that my collection of music has vastly grown. There is still so much more out there as well!

Let's see what else there is... in terms of video games, I have been playing Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Pokémon Pearl (I had a huge hiatus, and have been getting back into the game :P), Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Gears of War and Call of Duty 4. I plan to start up a new file on Super Mario RPG soon, if I ever get time for that.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about starting some new flash projects. It seems when you have the least amount of time, you have the most amount of ideas for things, as well as the most want to actually work on them. I hope once things settle down, I actually start working on a flash. I neeeeeeeeed to do it!

I didn't think it would be fit to post a news post without having a picture, so I looked through some newer pictures, and found what I should use. It's a picture of a fire that was caused by lightning striking an oil refinery. The fire wasn't put out for quite some time; I can imagine why.


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Gahh, I hate how you talk about how cool the layout is and we haven't even seen a screenshot! So mean. But hopefully that means it's gonna be great. Will the redesign be a layout change or are you adding some changes to the site as well?

Folk Punk really is a fun genre, lot of good bands. I have really only gotten into Andrew Jackson Jihad and I have to take Ghost Mice in small doses (his voice is annoying :P) but Last.fm has given me plenty of folk-punk recommendations I need to check out.

Have you been keeping up with E3? Any games look interesting... if I ever get a 360 I would like to play online with the HJ crew. ;)

And more flash is awesome! I really like your wacky style.

I might show a page of the new layout once the layout part is finished, but I'm trying to make sure that when everyone sees it they go, "WOW!". Before I always just slowly updated small things on the site until there were slight changes, but that way isn't very exciting. This way there's a sudden BOOM of goodness! I hope it turns out as good as I'm hoping for it to turn out.

The redesign will basically be the whole site recoded with more features added in. I haven't been able to start recoding anything yet, but I figure it would be best to recode everything to make sure it's up to date :)

Folk-punk rules! Andrew Jackson Jihad are fun to listen to; I enjoy them a whole lot. It's kind of funny that you say that about Ghost Mice; I was listening to them awhile ago, and was thinking to myself that his voice sounded like it would be a very annoying voice, but for some reason it doesn't annoy me at all. I can understand you saying that though. Last.fm does a good job of recommendations with folk-punk; it's probably grabbing the lot of bands on Plan-It-X Records, haha. They seem to all be really good bands.

I haven't been keeping up to date with E3 at all really. I will have to check it out soon - I can't be left in the dust! If you do get a 360, be sure to tell me, and we will have to try and get something going! It would be a BLAST!

Haha, thanks! I'm planning on working really hard on them, and hopefully I can take my skill to a new level. I'm not sure what all I will end up with, but I know I will have fun making whatever it is!

Once everything in my life settles down, and you/everyone else on HJ is ready we will have to organize a HJ collab; it seemed like there was some interest when the first topic about it was posted. Maybe once we get something rolling we can put something great out!

I'm sorry to hear that that happened to your father! But I'm happy to see he's coming through so well!

We never got to play brawl together, for shame.

Thanks! He's getting closer and closerrrrrrrrrr :)

I need to get on AIM more. Once I get some time on my hands I will get on, and then we will BRAWL-IT-UP! I'm finally having more time on my hands, so that time should come soon!



Yeah Joel, you need to fix the Level 20 feature before you release the redesign.



I am hoping to fix it tonight. I have been meaning to get around to it earlier, but time seems to slip away! GONNA FIX IT JUST FOR YOU <333333333333333

hope you father is all right!!

Thanks! He's actually doing a whole lot better; today was an awesome day - he started moving his hands nearly off of the bed, as well as lifting up his thumbs super high :)







Lol at Nickscott, I've seen the new layout too! :P

Nice picture! That was really quite a situation!

You need to play more COD4!

I'm sure if you had time, you could make the most wonderful flash ever! :D:D:D:D

What new layout?!??!

Thanks, and yes! It was indeed quite a situation! Watching all of the explosions was kind of cool, but probably not that cool for the environment!!

I really do. I was hooked on it for a while, but now I've been slackin'! WILL GET ON MORE SOON.

Thanks!!! We so need to make one together someday!! ;DDDDD

Shit, sorry to hear that man, but yeah its good to get your mind of things.
Lets all hope for the best to pull though right now, huh? &lt;=(

Yeah, everything will work out; it's just a matter of time. Thanks :)

I forgot to congratulate you on winning the $100, so I will do that now! Congrats!

Why wasn't I told about the greatness of Ten Hundred Elephants?!?!?!?1

...Shhhhhhhhh!! ;)

I wanted to have more songs up first! We have a few more songs done, but this new "myspace music" thing doesn't want to add our new songs ;_;





Looking at your favorite TV shows takes me back... Did you ever watch Pepper Ann? I liked that show.

Oh the memories! ;_;

I think I have seen it a few times before, but I don't think I watched it regularly or anything. Most of the tv shows from the 90s rockeddddddddd!



I miss seeing you around on Facebook. :(

I miss you even moreeeeeeeeeeee :(((((((

Bye bye beautiful.
Don't bother to write.
Disturbed by your words, and they're calling all cars.
Face step let down.
Face step step down.

Run quick! They're behind us!

I actually knew this one! I hope I made you proud :)

Haha, thanks for that. :)

I'm actually listening to The Suffering right as I type this.

You are welcome! ;)

Crazy! I haven't listened to them in soooooo long. I know I have a couple of their cds from way back when! I have the album with that song on it! YES!

Good Apollo 1 is fantastic. There's so many good songs on there.

Lately I've taken a liking to In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3, The Faint of Heart, and Ten Speed (of God's Blood &amp; Burial). They're a great band.

I am also in love with Metallica, though my girlfriend mocks me for it.


I used to be really hooked on The Second Stage Turbine Blade. I think "Al The Killer" was one of my favorite songs off of In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3-I can't remember exactly, but I think I'm right! Haha.

GIRLFRIEND?!?!?!?!??!? You can't let yo lady tell you what to listen to! ;)

I've heard Al the Killer was good, but I still have yet to listen to it. My friend had recommended &quot;The Hound&quot; (I think so, anyway) to me, and I really liked that one as well. Coheed's got so much good stuff, and Claudio's got such a great voice.

Haha, yeah. We agreed to disagree. Though Metallica is BY FAR better than Jimmy Eat World. She can't help it she loves shitty music.

You need to listen to itttt! I don't think I've heard that song before. His voice really doesn't match how he looks, but it works out!


Al the Killer - that's Valeurium (sp?) Camper III, right? I'm pretty sure I have heard that, actually. I just don't know it well. And yes, Claudio is amazing. Looks like a viking and sounds like a ... I don't know what ... but I like it! :P

Jimmy Eat World, sigh. :(

Yes! I'm pretty sure it is! I don't remember it that well, but I do remember the title! Haha, he's a crazy guy! ONE OF A KIND, THAT'S FOR SURE!

Hahaha, I remember when that song was soooooo popular. I am almost positive that I have never heard any other song from them. I bet they could beat up Metallica!!!!!! ;)

You know what's funny? The acronym for Jimmy Eat World is JEW.


Haha David, he's a nice kid I'd say.

He's nicer than nice!

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