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Posted by harryjarry - July 21st, 2009

WowEE! It has been over a year since my last post, and that really is a long time! Too long!! I don't really like making lots of news posts because it makes each post seem to not have as much value or something like that! Oh, and I always feel like I have to make the post somewhat long. SO HERE IS SOMETHING TO CHEW ON!

One year ago I was doing pretty much what I'm doing now. My dad is still in a comatose state-he is definitely doing a whole lot better, but he hasn't made it to the point of being completely aware/conscious. I get to see my dad every day, and I am very thankful that I'm able to. Even though each day seems to be the same routine, it's great that I can see him.

It's kind of weird how he has been working-he stopped moving his thumbs like he used to for a while, but he started improving with his eyes. He used to not really follow you if you walked around the room, but now he will watch you if you move or go to do something around him. Lately he has started moving his fingers again, and he really seems to be in a MUCH different state than he was a year ago. I saw a video that we recorded of him around October '08, and I was amazed at how much he has improved since just then. You don't really notice all of the changes when you take it step by step.

Anyway, things are doing so much better, and I am extremely happy at how far he has come. Let's just see where things go from here! :)

~ Now we will explore my very interesting life that I have led!!!!!!! ~

Hmmm, I guess the first thing I will go over is school. My junior year didn't come anywhere near as fun as my sophomore (or my freshman year to be honest). It wasn't bad, but it just wasn't anything special! The majority of my friends went to a different school because a new one was built, and the dividing lines were perfect TO SEPARATE US ;_; I still knew a bunch of the kids, but I really wasn't close to any of them.

I took an IT class, so I got to leave campus for the first half of every day of school. IT was a pretty fun class, and I got to see some people from other schools that I hadn't seen for a while. The class was also pretty easy and laid-back, so it was a great way to begin each day. The latter half of my days consisted of American Literature (a TOTAL joke of a class), algebra II, American Citizen and biology. All of my classes were easy for the most part, and I had no trouble keeping an A in each class.

I didn't do too much out of school because of the lack of time from visiting my dad and all, but here and there I would hang out with some friends. Some super times 4sure!!

LET'S TALK 'BOUT SUM MUSIC! So my older brother and I started an acoustic folk-punk band (or whatever you would call one person playing guitar with someone else singing). We have two new recordings of older songs on our myspace, and we have our 5-song demo downloadable here for free. Once we finish our album, we will be releasing it for free as well-so like wait k!!!!

I have been listening to a lot of Wingnut Dishwashers Union (Last.fm) and Andrew Jackson Jihad (Last.fm). They both recently released new albums, and they are FANTASTIC! Or actually, much much much better than that!! You should check them both out!

Of course I have been listening to other music as well! Which you can look through here. If you are looking for some new tunes, I would be glad to recommend you some stuff!

Since my last post, I have seen:

Ghost Mice with Heathers (amazing show! It was a super great time! jewdudewtf came along too!)

Smoking Popes (I am sooo happy I got to see them! They put on quite a show!)

Danzig with a bunch of other bands I didn't care about (The show was alright. Danzig didn't do anything special EVEN THOUGH IT WAS HALLOWEEN YO)

Morrissey (It was my second time seeing him, and he definitely still has it! jewdudewtf came along to this show too! We came home with a piece of Morrissey's shirt, handshakes/hand-touches and a signed vinyl (well it's my brother's :P). YES!)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs (They aren't a FAVORITE band of mine, but they are still really good. Their performance was spectacular. The only problem was the hipster crowd, but I mean, what can you do? ;P)

jewdudewtf, my brother and I were planning on seeing Wingnut Dishwashers Union, but either he never showed up, or we didn't stay late enough. The show was at a park, and we were supposed to play kickball before the show. No one ever came :((((((( We still managed to have a good time doing other things that day though, so OH WELL.

As for HarryJarry.com, I'm not SUPER far into the whole redesign thing, but I've been making some more progress here and there. Simon has been working on new levels for HJ. They look supa dupa sexy, so go look at them and drool your days away!!! I have been making small updates to the current layout and doing some additional coding for some pages, so that is something! Hopefully I can get some real motivation to really start coding again. I haven't felt too inspired lately, but maybe I will get an edge on it and just start! We can hope!

I am really trying to become much more active than I have been (on NG as well as other sites-oh, and AIM too!!!!). I posted like a BUNCH the other day, so that's cool! There were some rockin' topics that day! SO SEE YOU AROUND! HOPE YOU ALL ARE HAVING A WONDERFUL SUMMER CUZ U REALLY SHOULD! LUV U ALL!!!!!!!!!


Pre-writing: Man Is The Bastard and Smoking Popes
Writing: Chokehold, Nausea, Das Oath and The Nerve Agents

I thought that would be cooooooooooooooool n' interestin'!!!!!

bye bye now!!!

oh, and here is a pic of jewdudewtf and me!!!! We are really happy, so you should be happy too!!

Comments (14)

Sure am happy!

GOOD! You better stay happy!! ;)

Cool banner lol.


holy shit you're jewdudwtf's brother. That's cool.

Nice site too.

Haha, when I said my brother, I was actually talking about a separate person. I never really thought it being read that way, whoops! It would RULE to have David as my brother though!!!!

Thanks! I really need to get around to fixing it up more getting ready for the new layout. It should be reallAY nice after that! ;)

Haha, were brothers! :O

So much to comment on, but where to start....

I'm glad your Dad is doing better. That is always good to hear.

I'm sorry that the district divided us. Had I lived one mile south or one mile east, I would still go to Oak Park. :'( At least your still making super grades!

I have all the THE, so I'm good on that. Sooner or later, I'm sure they'll be the top listened to band on last.fm I think I'm enjoying the new Jihad better than WDU.

Looking at your list of shows, I've seen I've gone to a lot of shows with you guys. Ghost Mice and Heathers was amazing. I still find my self replaying the one Heathers album I have a few times in a row every now and then. Morrissey was really cool too, but the 7 hours of waiting in almost freezing temperatures was way more fun than the show itself. Pat never showed up as far as I'm concerned. But that was fine, because I found out that RealD movies are way better than 3-D, and now I only watch movies in RealD.

I'm still drooling over Simon's levels. They make me believe there is still some good in the world.

As for the pic, it was really really really bright.


Thank you so much! It's great to know that he's still making progress :)

That line has to die!! I MISSED YOU SO MUCH! ;_; Super grades are always good!

I still have a song that I haven't done vocals for lol. Josh has some more stuff in mind, so once we start recording more often again, we should be releasing more songs! We are gonna rock dem charts!! I'm not sure which one I prefer-they both are sooo good! I think the WDU album would have been better if there were more songs that hadn't been recorded before, but I'm not complaining! I LOVE "Proudhon in Manhattan" sooooo much! I can't really pick a favorite from AJJ. Every song is amazin'!

You always make the shows a whole lot more fun! The Ghost Mice/Heathers show was a wonderful time. Hopefully they come back again... and together! Heathers did a fantastic job with their album-there isn't a single bad/not-so-great song! I sooo agree! Morrissey was such a downer from all of the excitement we had before the show! RISK RISK RISK RISK! Pat better come next time, and I suppose we should too! RealD is like soo breathtakin'! I still have my pair of shades!

I have a sheet over my keyboard to keep me from destroying it with my drool! Simon must have a box of good hidden somewhere.

Yeah, I'm disappointed with the picture. I didn't really have anything else though. I was planning on getting a picture with you and Max when you were both over, but I forgot! NEXT TIME WE ALL GET TOGETHER WE GOTTA TAKE SUM PIX!!!!

Luckily that line only exist for us for one more long, miserable year. I'm not really sure if I'm going to college right after high school, so if I take a semester off or something, there will be plenty of time to make up for what the district has taken away. :(

I'll be waiting for those recordings anxiously. So anxiously I'll probably find it hard to sleep until I hear them.

I love going to shows. We should have done Warped Tour this year. It was so punk and none of the bands were big, so the money would help them get there. Like, I've never heard of 3oh3!

I actually carry around a bucket now because I drool so much because I'm always thinking about those amazing icons. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

I'm only disappointed because I look so pale in it and I'm looking in the side like a creeper. But a photo of all three of us would be amazing. It would probably be the best looking picture ever made in the history of everything.

That miserable year is just about half done! I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing after high school, haha. You shouldn't worry-I know you'll get it figured out! YOU GOT THAT RIGHT!

I bet it has been ABSOLUTE HELL sleeping! I really need to get to working on more stuff. Maybe once break comes up I will be able to finally record some stuff... I can hope!

303030303030303030303030330303 DON'T TRUSTA HO HO HO HO LOL AAASFewu!!!@e Maybe nXt year we will make it!! If we R punx enuff!

Simon should sell buckets! He would make BILLIONSSSSZ!! I can't wait either!!!!! Hopefully this break will also bring me closer to doing more work with the site. It's what I always say. I just hope this time I do it.

I really should've got a picture of us all. Next time for sure! The light can really crank up the brightness. It must have been sunny! Like how it is now!!!!!!!!!!


harryjarry, even if you are not inspired to do some things, you inspire ME. also I responded to your post on my userpage. woooo

You saying that inspires me! WHAT A CRAZY CYCLE/CIRCLE/WHAT.

I am going to reply to your reply on your post on your userpage that you were talking about in your post that I'm replying to right now. It will be a good time-no-a great time!

Thanks a TON TON TON!! I don't know if I can accept the KING OF COOL. That seems to be really really cool! If you really think that it's for me, then I will be glad to take it. I would never doubt your judgment! YOU ARE BEYOND COOL SO YEAH!!!!!!

REAL LIFE STATS?!?!?!?! I don't have too much experience with that!! BUT I did get every question right on my personal finance final today! I only missed one because the final for the review gave the wrong answer. I only picked the same answer the review gave (the wrong answer) because the teacher said that the review and test were identical. WHAT A LIAR>>>>>>
Oh well though! That class is over now! I HOPE YOU'RE RAKIN' IN THE DOUGH!!!!!

I only have a MacBook, but it gets the job done great for me! I hope your Pro has been treating you well! FAST FORWARD THROUGH TECHNOLOGYYYYYYYY (ANIME FOR THE MOST PART)))))

You must be doin' some great studying-your 19/20 essay probably was the BEST essay ever written. No. DEFINITELY WAS THE BEST! I think your teach meant to give you 20/20, but they accidentally wrote 19 because of how blown away they were!!! I used to read a whole lot more, but I haven't been doing too much lately. It's another one of those things I always mean to get around to but never do. I really love reading though; it's one of my favorite things to do.

My college/after high school plans are very iffy at the moment. I don't really know what I would go into. I have a lot of interests, but I don't know what I would put my main focus on. I also don't want to put anything in stone and have something unexpected happen with my dad. I have heard about people going over to third world countries and helping out, and I think that would be an amazing thing to do. If I can find something that could involve that and something else that I feel I can do very well, I will try to pursue it. In the past two-three years, I've learned so much about the horrible quality of life that others have, and I really want to be able to do something to help out-in any way I really can.

Thank you so much :)
It really does mean a whole lot to me. I know I don't really know about your family at all, but I hope that they're doing great (and you too ;P)! My summer was fun while it lasted! Now we're onto winter break, so that should be even MORE fun! WORLD FAMOUSSSSSSSSSSSS B)
We will rock the world!




I have Algebra 2 this semester. Wish me luck :(

There were a whole bunch of bands I wanted to see this summer, but I only got to go to Animal Collective... hopefully this year will be better


I remember that class! Most people hated it... I hope that isn't the case with you! I know I loved that class! Good luck! I'm sure you will ace it all! :)

At least you got to see one of them! That's always better than none! And yes, there is always the year ahead. I hope things just keep getting better n' better!



Holy moley it's HarryJarry!

Yo sup, haven't talked to you in forever dude! Good news about your Dad, hope it keeps looking up!

Sounds like you've been having fun lately, glad to hear it. Hope to hear from you, I'll just be chillin' here with mah boi James and doing what we do best on NG...mostly nothing, lol (well, maybe more me then him).



I know! It has been WAY too long! I need to get on AIM more, so we can chat it up! Thanks a bunch! All signs have been good, so we're keeping our heads up!

James is a really SUPER DUPER AWESOME GUY! I think you two are the best! AT MORE THAN NOTHING!

<3 U

Hey Joel my main man! Sorry I'm away when you're on AIM! :( Anyways I'm really happy about how far your dad has come! Although it must still be a very upsetting thing having your dad in that state, it's great to see that he's coming through strong!

J-J-J-JAMIE!!!! It was weird that whenever you'd be on, I would be away and vice-versa. I will try HARD HARD HARD to make sure this break will be full of me doing things. AIM included! Thanks so much :) Things just keep getting better. Slowly but surely!

Dude, I downloaded your music. I like it. :D

Ah! Yay :)
Thanks for listening and commenting! I will be sure to let you know whenever we get some other stuff out. DDDDDDDEfinitely!

I sure havn't been around a lot lately :(
Women, they take over my life..

That makes me sad :(
then again, it's been the same for me. I need to do more stuff.
Take your life back Simon! YOU NEED IT!!!!!!!

Nice medals! :P


You look like this kid I knew in 5th grade who liked hentai, and I thought he was really fucking weird.

That couldn't possibly be me-I went through my big hentai phase in second grade. Oh, ho, ho, fifth grade was quite another story ;)